A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made in 48 Hours for Ludum Dare 45

Start with nothing: A single ant, Antexander, exiled from his home colony, left with nothing. Recruit allies, battle rogue tribes, and conquer smaller colonies while amassing an army that will ultimately defeat the Queen who sent you away.

Controls: Arrow keys to lead your swarm to victory. F4 for Fullscreen. Escape to Quit.

Smaller ant tribes will surrender and join your cause.  Avoid and run away from larger enemy gatherings. Taking mounds will reward your ranks. Slowly build your following, step by step, until you have an army worthy of taking the throne.

Dev & Sound: Armando Sosa
Dev & Art: Jedd Goble (@jeddjedd)
Music: Sebastian Gomez (https://soundcloud.com/sebastian-gomez-136)


Antexander.dmg 20 MB
antexander.zip 16 MB


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Loved the idea, fun game. The name of the game is pretty awesome too ;)